Oculus® Lay-in planks ceiling system used commercially for wide areas. The visible 24mm, 15mm plain & 15mm silhouette grid make it more elegant and provoke to the customer to use. Planks are durable being metal powder coated or coil coated, planks are made of aluminium (AL) / galvanised (GI) material., the versatile planks are in different ranges & sizes i.e., (576mm x 1176mm), (585mm x 1185mm), (276mm x 1176mm), (285mm x 1185mm) the system creates a modular arrangement of (600mm x 1200mm) & (300mm x 1200mm) respectively. The system is very simple and easy to install also easy to access and approach to the services behind by uninstalling the planks.


Oculus® planks can be used for areas i.e., shopping malls, Factories, Airports, Commercial buildings, Hospitals etc.  Suspended metal ceiling is classified in non-combustible due to galvanised / aluminium material; it will therefore not contribute to the possible fire.


Oculus® Lay-in Planks are available in 0.50mm thick galvanized steel (GI) and 0.70mm in aluminium (AL), available sizes in planks are (576mm x 1176mm), (585mm x 1185mm), (276mm x 1176mm), (285mm x 1185mm) , both coil coating (pre-coating) & powder coating (post-coating) are available. Planks are available in plain as well as in perforation of size 2.0mm & 1.8mm dia with square and bevelled edges.


PLANKSOculus®Lay-in planks are available in dimensions of (576mm x 1176mm), (585mm x 1185mm), (276mm x 1176mm), (285mm x 1185mm), thickness in galvanised steel (GI) 0.50 mm and in aluminium (AL) 0.65mm/0.70mm powder coated of 50-55 microns while in coil coating 20 microns on exposed surface and 15-20 microns polyester coating on rear side.

GRID SYSTEMPlain 24mm T grid of web-heights 32mm,38mm & 43mm shall be use to accommodate the 576mm x 1176mm planks system and 15mm T grid of web-heights 32mm,38mm & 43mm for 585mm x 1185mm planks system.

POWDER COATING 50-60 microns thick powder coating on exposed surface & 10-15 microns powder coating on rear side.

COIL COATING – The durable polyester finish in a nominal thickness of 20 microns on exposed surface & 5-10 microns on rear side

PERFORATION 2.0mm & 1.8mm dia. perforation with 7mm C/C diagonal pattern.

SUSPENSION – 4mm dia. GI Rod, adjustment spring, panel splice for panel joint and carrier splice for carrier jointing, galvanized steel edge profile.