Oculus Make U- Shaped Baffle Ceiling System

Products Description & Details

Oculus make U-Shaped baffle is an innovative idea of ceiling, the system consists of box shaped profile which provides an effective one directional visual, graceful, elegant & amazing curtain kind of effects. U- shaped baffle enables and open field of vision, good ventilation and air flow, the customize gap between panels make it more functional. U shaped Baffles are available of width 25mm-50mm and height up to 200mm. U-Baffle ceiling systems gives a floating effect which allows architects considerable design freedom, wide range of design options are available.

Widths (mm) 25 50 75 100 125
U- Shaped baffle is available in different width & height.


It enables and open fixed vision, good ventilation and air flow the connection lines are bright and clean for long. Ventilation & smoke extraction to be easily realized through the gaps of baffles. Easy accessibility to the plenum. Baffles panels highly used in airport areas, metro stations, waiting areas, conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Technical Details

Baffle ceiling system is available in both the desired options (powder coated & coil coted) of 25mm\50mm wide and 25mm\50mm\75mm\100mm\125mm\150mm deep, length up to 3000mm and thickness 0.45mm\0.5mm TCT for galvanized Iron & 0.60mm/ 0.65mm TCT for aluminium material. Baffle carriers are fixed at dimensions as 20mm wide and 40mm deep galvanised\aluminium thickness for Galvanized is 0.6mm & 0.7mm for aluminium, carriers are powder coated in black colour. There are lot of other customized baffle options are available in width and depth as per client’s requirement.
Fixing details: – Carriers are suspended from the roof by 4mm diameter rod with an adjustment spring which gives fixability to adjust the level of panels. Consumption shall be drive by using the module (centre-to-centre) distance.

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