Oculus Make Sun Control Louvers Systems

Products Description & Details

Oculus make Exterior 84R sun louvers system is highly functionable which provides the flexibility in design also rapid installation of louvers makes it more unique. The installation of 84R sun louvers is an effective & simple way to protect the area of building against direct solar radiations. The interception of direct sun rays prevents excessive heat penetrating through the windows. The open construction of sun lovers doesn’t interrupt the natural air flow, the system of 84R is highly recommended for Multi-storied buildings to conceal ducts, pipes& to cover the windows etc.


The product has an elegant&light appearance with nicely curved edges.

Oculus make 84R is an exterior powder coated with a UV and scratch resistant “OCUCOTE” coating available in number of different colours.

  1. 84R system can be installed in different ways.
  2. Combination of horizontal & vertical.
    Angled projection wise.
  3. Straight and closed type.
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