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Lay in Tile Ceiling System

Lay in tile ceiling system is the most using product across the metal ceiling market. The visible 24mm, 15mm &silhouette grid make it more elegant and provoke too the customer. Panels are durable being aluminium\ galvanised.

38R/64R/84R/128R/256R ceiling Systems

Ceiling System consists of round edge panels, 84mm panel weight and between the panels there is an opening of 16mm which can be remain open or can be closed or fitted with a 16mm wide joint profits (U shape) with U shape profile gives appearance like...

Linear Ceiling System (84 C\184 C)

84C/184C clipped ceiling system consist of box shaped panels, consisting 24mm wide flange that are closes the 16mm joint between the panels and provided the module 200mm\100mm. 84C/184C Panels and 12.5mm...

Multi B Profile Ceiling System

The Oculus make multi-B ceiling system is the combination of different widths of 30mm, 80mm, 130mm, 180mm. Creating the opportunity to use panels with different widths in one ceiling. The stove enamelled Aluminium\Galvanised...

U- Shaped Baffle Ceiling System

U Shaped baffle ceiling is an innovative idea of ceiling, the system consist of box shaped profile which provide an effective one directional visual graceful, elegant line&amazing curtain kind of effects. Baffle enables and open field of vision, good ventilation and air flow.

Sun Control Louvers Systems (84R)

Exterior 84R lours system is highly functionable & provides the flexibility in design, easy to maintain & rapid installation make it more unique. The installation of 84R sun lours is an effective & simple way to protect the area of building against direct solar radiations.

Clip-in Tile Ceiling System

Square\rectangle tiles clip -in non-visible back support which make this system more elegant and gives a smooth & monolithic appearance. The tiles being clipped into the non-visible member resulting tiles gets self-levelled also can be remove by using a very small handle tool.

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