Oculus Make Multi B Profile Ceiling System

Products Description & Details

Oculus make multi-B ceiling system is the combination of different widths of 30mm, 80mm, 130mm, 180mm.
The stove enamelled Aluminium\Galvanised steel panels are light in weight, strong and recyclable with the use of small amount of energy. There is on open joint of 20mm which also can be filled with resisted V- shaped & U-shaped joint, the module of each profile is 50mm or in a multiple of this module, all the necessary supporting system of Multi-B profile is available in galvanised.

Multi -B Profile Application

It allows to access the ceiling void. Use to better ventilation system without using the recess of finish profile. RCP- Multi B Profile Typical lay-out Multi- B Profile Easy access to lighting. Easy for fixing &removing. System is cost effective& versatile option. This ceiling system also can be used for exterior application to cover the duct area.

Core Materials Specifications

Multi B profile 30B\80B\130B\180B panels are roll formed from 0.5mm\0.6mm thick power coated stove enamelled galvanised steel or aluminium strips, all aluminium product can be recycled for the 100% requiring very little energy.


Technical Details


Square edge with multiple width i.e., 30,80,130,180 panels are 15mm deep with different widths 20mm wide V shape and U shape profile make it the module of 100mm, thickness of profile very from 0.35mm 30 B and max up to 0.6mm 180B profile gives it more strength.

Carrier: Multi B Carrier

The multi-B carrier comes in black colour and made of 0.5mm thick stove enamelled steel or 0.95mm thick stove enamelled aluminium. Which provided to accommodate the panels in a module of 50mm or multiple of 50mm carrier has a standard length of 5000mm.


2.5mm diameter with 6mm C\C patterns.


(i).4mm diameter galvanised rod,

(ii).Adjustment spring,

(iii). Panel splice for panel joint

(iv). Carrier splice for carrier jointing profile

(v). Galvanised steel edge profile. 

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