Louvers H3


Oculus® H3 sun control louvers system consist nicely curved edges panel of 84mm width, which has an elegant & light appearance. Oculus® H3 exterior sun control louvers system is highly functionable & provides the flexibility in design, easy to maintain & rapid installation make it more unique. The installation of 84R sun louvres is an effective & simple way to protect the area of building against direct solar radiations. The interception of direct sun rays prevents excessive heat penetrating through the windows. The open construction of sun lovers doesn’t interrupt the natural air flow, the system of H3 is highly recommended for builders to conceal ducts, sanitary pipes, ventilated façade system.


Oculus® 84R Panels are an exterior powder coated with a UV and scratch resistant coating available in number of different colours. 84R system can be installed in different ways.

(a). Combination of horizontal & vertical,

(b). Angled projection wise,

(c). Projected Horizontally, at the top of the glazed area.      


The Oculus® 84R panels are roll formed from 0.5mm thick Galvanized Steel and 0.7mm thickness in Aluminium alloy. Panels come in both powder coating and coil coating. Aluminium & Galvanized steel material can be 100% recycled with the use of small amount of energy.           


PANEL – Oculus® 84mm wide panels are nicely curved at edges, having 12.5mm deep and can be supply up-to 5000mm in length. Panels are available in Galvanised steel (GI) of 0.45mm / 0.5mm thick & for Aluminium 0.7mm thick.

CARRIER Carrier shall be 39mm wide, 65mm deep with keeping the module of 69mm (centre to centre), the angle which can be achieved by using H3 is degrees.

POWDER COATING 50-60 microns thick powder coating on exposed surface & 10-15 microns powder coating on rear side.

COIL COATING – The durable polyester finish in a nominal thickness of 20 microns on exposed surface & 5-10 microns on rear side.

PERFORATION  2.0mm dia. perforation with 7mm C/C diagonal pattern.

FIXING – GI L-clit of size 50mmx50mm / 85mmx50mm, Anker fasteners, Screws, panel splice for panel joints, carrier splice for carrier.