Oculus® Lay-in tile ceiling is the most common & economic product across the metal ceiling market. The visible 24mm & 15mm grid make it more elegant and provoke to the customer to use. The tiles come in two different sizes i.e., (575mmx575mm), (585mmx585mm), the system creates a modular arrangement of (600mmx600mm). Lay-in tiles are easy to install. Lay-in ceiling provides an economic solution too. Suspended metal ceiling is classified non-combustible due to Galvanised / Aluminium material.


Oculus® Lay-in tiles can be easily demounted and re-fixed manually (without any advance tool) which allow the full access to the plenum and to the services behind. All kind of services i.e., electric, HVSE, cable tray and net can be hide by using lay-in tiles system. Ideal for those areas where hygiene/non maintenance area is major concerns i.e., server room etc. Easy dust cleaning makes this system ideal. Perforated panels with a non-woven textile membrane provide the acoustic solution for conferences areas.


Oculus® Lay-in tiles are available in 0.45mm,0.5mm thick galvanized steel (GI) and 0.7mm in aluminium (AL), tiles are fixed in dimensions (575mmx575mm & 585mmx585mm), both coil coating (pre-coating) & powder coating (post-coating) are available. Tiles are available in plain and perforation of 2.0mm & 1.8mm dia with square and bevelled edges.


TILESOculus®Lay-in tiles comes in fixed dimensions of (575mmx575mm & 585mmx585mm), thickness in galvanised steel (GI) 0.45mm / 0.50 mm and in aluminium (AL) 0.6mm / 0.65mm / 0.70mm powder coated & coil coated.

GRID SYSTEMPlain 24mm T grid of web-heights 32mm,38mm & 43mm shall be use to accommodate the 575mm x 575mm tiles system and 15mm T grid of web-heights 32mm,38mm & 43mm for 585mm x 585mm tiles system.

POWDER COATING 50-60 microns thick powder coating on exposed area & 15-20 microns powder coating on rear side.

COIL COATING – The durable polyester finish in a nominal thickness of 20 microns on exposed surface & 5-10 microns on rear side.

PERFORATION 2.0mm & 1.8mm dia. perforation with 7mm C/C diagonal pattern.

SUSPENSION – 4mm dia. GI Rod, Adjustment spring (Butterfly clip), galvanized steel edge profile.