Lay in Tile Ceiling System

Oculus make Lay-In tiles system is the most using product/arrangement across the metal ceiling market.
The visible 24mm, 15mm plain & 15mm silhouette T- grid make it more elegant and provoke customer to use, Tiles being stove enamelled Aluminium/ Galvanized are fully recyclable with the use of small amount of energy, Lay-In tiles are available in different thickness & sizes 575*575, 585*585, the system creates a modular arrangement of 600*600. Lay-In tiles system is simple to install also very easy to access the services behind.

Lay -in Tiles Application

Easy dimuon table tiles system allows full access to services and equipment in plenum so can be used anywhere commercially. A number of acoustic requirements can be not with the introduction of an acoustic in Lay in the back of a perforated tile systems.

Lay-in tile system provides an economic solution to many ceiling requirements also provide dynamic look to the ceiling.

Suspended metal ceiling isclassified in combustible due to galvanised\ aluminium core material; it will therefore not contribute to the possible fire.

Core Material Specifications

Lay-in tiles galvanised steel of 0.40\0.45\0.50 mm thick and aluminium 0.65mm\0.70mm powder coated of 50-55 microns coating steel 0.4mm TCT.

Technical Details

575*575\ 585*585 square and bevelled edge and come in a module of 600*600 by using the appropriate T grid of 24mm\15mm.

Powder Coating:
50-55 microns thick powder coating exposed surface.

4mm dia. Galvanised rod, Galvanised\Aluminium edge profile, Recommended T grid system according to the tile size, butterfly clip

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