Clip-in Tile Ceiling System

Core Material Specification (Clip-inTiles)

Oculus make Clip-In Tiles/ Planks with non-visible grid system makes this product more elegant, The Clip-In tiles/ Planks being clipped into the non-visible member resulting it gets self-levelled also can be remove by using a very small & handy tool. Clip-In tiles/planks are available in Aluminium/ Galvanized steel & Stainless-Steel material with a verity of sizes like (600*600), (600*1200), (300*600), (300*1200) & many custom sizes on request. Galvanised steel 0.50mm\0.40mm\0.45mm TCT Aluminium 0.70mm\0.65mm TCT, and Stainless-Steel 0.4mm TCT.


Galvanised steel 0.50mm\0.40mm\0.45mm aluminium 0.70mm\0.65mm, stainless still 0.4mm TCT. achieve flushed & concealed look square\ bevelled edge tiles of 600*600\600&1200\300*1200mm & customized can be used.

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