CEILING SYSTEM (CELL- C 50/C 75/C 150/C 200)


The Oculus® Cell ceiling (C50/ C75/ C100/ C150/ C200) system is the assembly of main runners and cross runners of same width of 10mm and a height of 50mm, this is the perfect application where an open ceiling is required for aesthetic purposes with light weight structure. Open cell ceiling (Aluminium / Galvanized Steel) offers full height incorporate all integrated services while room height is lesser then normal.


Ideal for large areas i.e., Shopping complexes, wide Entrance areas, Reception areas also can be highlights by using cell ceiling, Interior loves to use this to enhance the beauty of areas due to wide permutations & combinations range are possible to play.


The Oculus® Cell ceiling profiles (main runner & cross runner) having width of 10mm and heights of 40mm & 50mm available in Steel and Aluminium, continuity fixing of 600mmx600mm & 600mmx1200mm grid feels like premium look, aluminium & galvanized steel material can be 100% recycled with the use of small amount of energy.


PANEL Oculus® Cell 50C is manufactured from 0.4mm / 0.45mm TCT coil coated or pre coated aluminium / galvanized steel.

COIL COATING – The durable polyester finish in a nominal thickness of 20-25 microns on exposed surface in a continuous coil coating process ensuring uniform coating thickness.

SUSPENSION – 4mm dia. GI Rod, Adjustment spring, cell splice for jointing and, galvanized steel edge profile.